Wild Women Who Run with Wolves

Image of Wild Women Who Run with Wolves

This Pendant embodies gem stones that connect you to your higher energy centers, the throat, third eye and crown chakra. Creating a heightened awareness to ones higher self.

Larimar considered one of the rarest gem stones only formed in one place on earth. Created in the depths of an oceanic volcano, which is now a remote mountain in Bahoruco, Dominican Republic This stone is said to enlighten in mind, body, spirit and help wisdom in emotional intelligence and outer manifestation.

Tanzinite is a stone that connects you with your higher consciousness. It has a grounding and calming effect that stimulates intuition and evolving perception. It clears the throat chakra and allows ones other chakras to flow energetically open. It is also known to stimulate the immune system.

White water Turquoise comes from Sonora, Mexico. It is a healing and protective stone and is known to be used as an offering in Indigenous Ritual in any thing from the sky gods to mother earth to keep a spring producing, ask for plentiful rains or keep a loved one safe and healthy.

13.5 cts Larimar
11.5 ct Tanzinite
4.5 ct WhiteWater Turquoise
sterling silver
hand stamped and hand cut design on the back of a wolf, moon and stars
approximately 1''x 2.5''